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Houston Real Estate market

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Houston Real Estate market
The Houston Real Estate market is on fire!!!  Finding a home in Houston Texas is easiest with the best Realtor from Security American Realty.  Getting Pre-Qualified for a Home Loan is one of the first steps in the home buying process because listing agents expect buyers to have a Pre Approval Letter.  A Pre Approval Letter by a licensed Loan Officer at Security America Mortgage will help ensure that  your contract is solid to the Home Seller.  You can search for homes from many websites but you’ll get customized service here.  Have you figured out what type of Home Loan you need?  Perhaps you don’t need a home loan and want to pay cash.  Did you know that Military Veterans can obtain a %100 Loan with no money down?  Civilians look to other home loans like FHA, Fannie Mae/Conventional, Sub Prime, and [...]

Owning vs. Renting a home

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Owning vs. Renting a home
Are you a Military Veteran or civilian that is debating Owning vs. Renting a home?

Owning vs. Renting a home can benefit in many ways.

1. Owning a home and getting a VA loan allows you to build equity.  This can be a great investment.

2. You get tax deductions on the interest, taxes and insurance.

3 Owning gives all people a better since of pride

4. Paying rent is just helping someone else pay their mortgage.

5. A mortgage payment building equity can be less than a rent payment.

6. Owning a home helps you beat inflation.

There are times when renting is a better option.

1. Lack of job stability

2. Maintaining a home can be a challenge if you don’t have time.  Renting doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance.

3.  Learn more about Owning vs. Renting for Veterans and civilians.  Additional information about Owing [...]

Veteran Benefits regardless of credit score

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Veteran Benefits regardless of credit score
On our Veteran Benefits ads our Military Veterans are confused on why the credit score on VA Loans can get approved with a 600 middle score. It also bothers them that they cannot get a VA Loan if their credit is less or even more than 600. The Veteran Benefits and guidelines can be a bit challenging, but it’s possible to get approval with a 600. Higher credit helps significantly in the process but there are other critical factors such as your debt ratio and your last one year credit history. Typically there are ways to get your credit up before closing to get the best possible deal. We can help you with a plan to use your Veterans Benefits now or in the future. Brent Reedle is a Veteran that does Tri-Merge Credit Investigations.

We work hard to help every [...]

Garrett’s US Military Family Tree

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Garrett’s US Military Family Tree
Garrett’s US Military Family Tree is growing fast!  “My maternal grandfather, Charles D. Doriocourt, Sr. served in the US Marine Corp in WWI. He was wounded in action in France and would have received a Purple Heart, but these were not available until later in history. My maternal uncle, Charles D. Doriocourt, Jr. served in the US Army in WWII. He survived the Normandy invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. It was a horrendous experience marching through Normandy and then to the Battle of the Bulge. He somehow survived and then made it to Dachau, a hideous a terrible place that was liberated by the allies.  He too was a decorated war hero. Uncle Charles went back to college after the war on the GI bill. Many years later he rejoined army intelligence. My fraternal grandfather, Harlan N. Puckett was a captain in WWII and a [...]

VA Loan Veteran benefit

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VA Loan
VA Loans are superb.  There are many benefits to VA loans.  A VA home loan is a great VA loan choice as opposed to other home loans.  Conventional, FHA and sub-prime home loans can be more costly and have mortgage insurance.  VA loans don’t require a down payments.  VA Loans are a great benefit that Military Veterans earn for serving this great Country the United States of America.  We specialize in in the VA loan process.  We believe in giving back to Veterans by promoting healthy sporting activities.  Check out  There are many va loan benefits.  VA loans for disabled Veterans don’t require a funding fee.  In general VA loans require specialist like the ones at Security America Mortgage.   You can learn more about the VA loan there too.  You can find Military friendly Realtors at Security American Realty.  The Realtors at SAR [...]

Garrett Puckett

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Garrett Puckett was born in Houston Texas. He spent his early childhood there and the remainder in Charlotte North Carolina. Garrett Puckett graduated in 1999 from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC with a degree in Business Administration.

Post graduation, Garrett Puckett settled in Austin Texas where he learned the mortgage, investment and real estate business.  A natural progression was to obtain his license in real estate, in addition to the Series 7 and 66 investment certifications. Garrett values his experience and learning from Joe Scaparra, a former Air force A 10 Warthog Fighter Pilot and current Financial Advisor

In 2005 he started the Security America brand of financial products, with the inception of Security America Mortgage, Inc. and Security American Realty, Inc.  Garrett Puckett is a fifth generation Texan and proud American. Garrett credits his family history of ranching and farming for helping to instill the [...]

cinco ranch homes for sale

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Cinco ranch homes for sale   –  Click here Cinco Ranch Map Search with listings
“Something happened shortly after we moved to Cinco Ranch  in Katy, Texas. We became Cincoans. The Cinco Ranch community isn’t just the place where we live, it’s become our hometown. It’s ours. The minute we moved here, we felt like we belonged; our neighbors became our friends. As we go about our days – whether at work, running errands, or even running on the miles of trails, we feel connected to this place. It’s welcoming. It’s comfortable. And it’s a place that you can call home, too.”


Cinco ranch home sale  ZIP Codes in Cinco Ranch TX

There are 1740 homes in 77494 and within the city limits. The median zestimate for these homes is $299090. There are a total of 12 homes for sale of which 0 are for sale by owner [...]

Buyer Representation

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Buyer Representation at your fingertips!
Buyer Representation by Security American Realty and its Realtors is unsurpassed.  Buying a home with buyer representation and using a Realtor from Security American Realty can benefit you tremendously. Helping our clients find the home best for them at the best price is our objective. The Realtors at Security American Realty will provide you the true facts and data involving the value of your new home, the market and neighborhood conditions and any physical defects on the property. Working with a buyer’s agent saves you time and money.

Security American Realty prides itself on helping clients in a variety of neighborhoods, price ranges and cultures. We believe every American should own a home and live the American Dream and Buyer Representation can help make this a reality!  We welcome Foreign Investment as well and believe in real estate diversification. Our diverse clientele [...]